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Happy Rose Day most of the lover waiting for this day. Waiting for this day in now reached to end and now to celebrate this day. Valentine Day falls on 14th February But valentines day start from 7th February. This day is the first Day of your Valentines week to share your love quotes and SMS, to him/her lover's through many media. Have much fun way. Greeting Card is an ordinary media to send his/her messages Directly. Nowadays most of the people use digital media to send his/her wishes, facebook, Whatsapp, Hike and many like this social sites/apps. 

Love is a feeling that type of feeling if people this about it will get automatically excited. Love is nothing But I will say love is anything that likes you. For example, In the morning many youngsters think if we will starting off the day from morning wishes of my lover's. Then he feels full day refresh. This gives a misconception of mind feeling Idea of your life. Coming Day Tuesday 7th February is the day that most of the people start the from his/her lover's feeling well face with rose flower's. In Rose day People Buy rose flower and express their feelings and aspiration of him/her lover's.  People also present their feeling of love with the gift. People give the gift to his/her family and share his feeling about lovers. Many colors of rose sell in a market. Every color have denotes a unique meaning. Most of The People and youngsters like Red Rose because It denotes a significance of Romantic love. Rose also help to express his/her love and beloved one. 

For this Great occasion, we are sharing many thoughts of Rose day, many SMS quotes, Pictures. 



Rose Day is an edge of the petal that waits for his/her loving Smiles. Because without love nothing can achieve in whole life. If he achieves then also service life without happiness. We have already known without happiness nothing. 

Happy Rose Day 2017

Rose is the Excellence of happy His quotes conveys a right path of a successful life. 

The Roses Speak of love Silently in a language that known only by the heart. Love gives to people like a light energy that allocate a bright future of him/her living life.

Happy Rose Day 2017

Best Whatsapp Status: Bunch of roses I am sending you Yellow to show our happiness White to show our purity Black to show our darkest secrets And red to show our love. 

Happy Rose Day 2017

Happy Rose Day Quotes

There is nothing more difficult for a truly creative painter than to paint a rose because before he can do so he has first to forget all the roses that were ever painted.!

Happy Rose Day 2017

Roses are the realistic symbol of Love, Love not a gratitude, thoughts, aspirations. It's only feeling that flow in the air. 

Meaning of Roses to celebrate Happy Rose Day..

Red Roses Indicates Love and Romance The color of roses is red that indicate with love since forever. Valentine's Day is the occasion of LOVE and PASSION towards himself and herself. It is the not better way to express your love than giving a red rose to your lover. The Red roses are the significance of love and passion. The fiery most attraction ratio of red color in loving people that signifies the bonding of two lovers. That most occasion people convey his feeling and aspiration with red rose with saying out Some Magical word That is I Love You Dear/Jannu.

Happy Rose Day 2017

Yellow Rose-Friendship

Yellow rose indicates the friendship its colour like a sun. On occasion of valentine day celebrating many people in different ideas in a romantic mood. Yellow colour stands for hope, belief, happiness and the sunshine. When you hand out a yellow rose in valentine week, it indicates the friendship of birth to birth. In Bollywood most of the popular friendship Bollywood king SHARUKH KHAN And KAJOl.

Happy Rose Day 2017

Pink Rose– Gratitude and Appreciation

Pink is the most beautiful colour that plays a unique role in romantic realistic life. Pink coloured roses indicate the love, gratitude, appreciation and admiration for the other people. It is the symbol of grace and elegance that is perfect for anyone who holds a unique place in our life. Pink is cute and adorable colour and handing a pink rose brighten that who special person that faces sure this valentine Day.

Happy Rose Day 2017

Roses have been associated with our that soul that directly communicate with our thoughts and aspiration showing your love and respect to others people, While carnations and orchids make beautiful flowers and bouquets. Rose Day, which starts from beginning memories of Saint Valentine's Birthday celebration, it gives chance to express thoughts and feelings.

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